Birthday Activities

Feed The Doraemon

Name Beads

Nail Art

Hair Beading

Cari Cature

Tattoo Artist

Puppet Show

Magic Show

Animal Magician

Chocolate Tattoo

Face Reader

Air Walkers

Cartoon Walkers

Sky Dancer


Hopla The Ring


Automatic Car/ Bike

Coin Machine Rides

Kids Train Track

Shoot The Clown

Art & Craft


Caricature Artist

Portrait Artist


Bumping Jumping

Chocolate Fountain

Candy Floss

Chuski Stall

Sweetcorn Stall

Pop Corn Stall

Dart Game

Foot Ball Shooter

Tin Can Alley

Bow And Arrow

Treasure Hunt

Funny Cutouts

Dj With Sound Light

Rain Dance Setup

Dance Troup

Guitar Player

Singer (Male/ Female)

Camel Riding

Horse Riding

Elephant Riding

Ring The Butterfly

Fishing Game

Mini Beauty Parlour

Tarot Card Reader

Mehendi Artist

Slide Bouncy

Ball Pool Bouncy


Air Mickey

Air Spiderman

Face Painting

Mimicry Artist


Sand Art

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