Guitarist For Your Special Occasion

You love the people around you a lot but don’t have the perfect set of words to deliver them on their special day. And you would love to capture their priceless smiles and recall it over and over even when the day is over. Now, with Birthday Treasure in town, these worries should whoosh away. Just let us know your intentions and we will select the right mix of ingredients to make your day extra luscious.
Do you find solace in instrumental soft tunes or rocking music make you go up on your heels or slow dance with your partner will make your evening perfect? Our gang of well-known guitarists is well-versed in any genre you select and will go an inch forward in making your evening ‘you’re kind of perfect.’
Your group of friends loves sitting closest to the band while in the restaurants and you have one who hums with them while in there; simulate the same sensation at a more personalized space and have the best of your moments with us. Your family has a member who has insane fondness for instrumental or the one who cannot stop moving on the steps of the rock and either or both has their special occasions coming up; let us know and we will make it a point that from next times, every other day becomes just an excuse for having our guitarist over.
Express your girl your love with your (mutual) favorite song in the background played to hit the right chords for both of you when she suddenly realizes that the person at the guitar took your name while her love is sitting on his knees to make this day her ‘Oh-My-God Day’. (To all those lucky ladies, your man also deserves the same treatment.) Or it has been quite a time you tied the knot and wants to showcase your immense love with something rare from the same world, call us and we will be your surprise maker, keeper, and enhancer with our guitarist at your service.
Or is it parties? Get-togethers? Office party? A special dinner? Or however, you call people coming together and having fun, Birthday Treasure will become your partner in hosting them and our guitarist through their talented tunes will impress your guests so much that they will be compelled to attend your parties in more numbers.

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