Hopping Magicians For Birthday Party

Hop, Hop! Wosh! Boom! Boom! Waoo.. How did you do that? *Followed by laughs and chatters*
Think, for how long have you been hosting a party wherein you welcome people in their best clothes, they eat your well-thought of menu and click pictures and leave. Leave and forget all about your parties, except their selfies. Let Birthday Treasure not do this for your upcoming birthdays! We have a mixed bag of reasons for delight to be intact on your guests’ face throughout the night.
One of our treasures being people looking like magicians hopping from one table to another and delivering much more than their magic skills, smartly ‘fevicoling’ the smiles which otherwise was only photogenic! Ask your photographer to click real candid of your people so as to remind them how much fun they had when they were your guests.
Remember how fascinated you used to be when watching those magic shows in your childhood. Replicate the same magic at your parties in a more refined way. Imagine, your guests sitting at their usual places and thinking of the next snacks to try when suddenly a wizard comes from a side and asks for their permission and woo them with his wizardry which will be settled in glee. Now, God forbid if there are children at the tables, our magician will have a new hanger-on until the night is over. Here, we are not just making castles in the air but want you to be addicted to us from this time till you have birthdays in your family (which is something like forever!).
If you have a guest list of people in their 10s or 20s or 50s, then we have a magician to captivate the attention of all your companions and compel them never to restrain from acknowledging your next invitation by their presence. That said, our versed magician has tricks in his list to capture the attention of each and every age group.
Worrying about the merriment of your invitees will now be limited to your last party when you assent it into the most able-hands in the town. His experience has taught him when and how to buzz people with his smarts and when to bid them farewell. If however someone still follows him to the next table, no tricks will be constant because there is no hubbub (excitement) in humdrums.
Try us and let others know!

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