Mascots For Birthday Parties in Delhi

Look! Here it is. There is another. Oh God! This party is full of my favorite characters from the series I watch every day.
Hey Tom! Why aren’t you chasing Jerry? Oh, yes because you are busy posing with me. You are so going to be Insta-uploaded. You have set a theme for your child’s birthday? Okay, we are coming along with a perfect mascot! There might be times of nostalgia when you and your child share the same favorites. Now, with Birthday Treasure, get your favorite characters from the movies or series come in front of you life-size and don’t forget to hire a super-active photographer for your party because you might want to capture each and every one of your moment when end-to-end smile is the only constant thing of your party.
Why only your child? There is one in every group who keeps bragging about how amazing they find the Spiderman or how the army of avengers have been able to drive him(her) to their world or Batman from DC is so akin to keep him(her) going for another year of being happily alone.
If you know the above people for a long time now, then on one of their birthdays you must have presented them with posters of their favorite characters which have been enthusiastically stuck on the walls of their rooms but can you envision the priceless sparkle on their faces when they gaze at the Amazing Spiderman or Iron-Man or Batman in their parties coming out live only and exclusively for them.
Yes? Come on tell us what is it that drives your ‘special person for the day’ to be a little crazier because when they say ‘You are a baby on your birthday!’ we take it a little more seriously.
Why so serious? Because you have turned 30 something and have not gone nuts in like a decade? No, we are not offering you alcohol (that is what you do on every other special day of yours); instead we have come up with even more hilarious alternatives; dance with your favorite mascots, get photos clicked in their patent poses or enact the most-watched scene on the Internet. Tell us your extent of silliness and we will be as ‘nutty as a fruitcake’ as you want us to be.

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